Benefits of Doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

benefits of jiu jitsu

If you have ever questioned the benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you will definitely want to read this article. In it, I will discuss the numerous health benefits of participating in Jiu-Jitsu. First, you need to understand the importance of flexibility.


Flexibility is the key to all sorts of physical activities. It is an essential part of your overall health, and it is also important to keep in mind that a strong immune system is crucial to keeping you healthy. To remain strong and healthy throughout your life, you must keep your body flexible.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Perhaps the most important benefit of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is increased cardiovascular fitness. Doctors usually recommend at least 20 minutes of cardio exercise 3 times per week for anyone over 20. That is a fairly high amount of activity for people, but doing it regularly can help improve your health significantly.

Cardiovascular fitness is important because it helps increase your body’s resistance to injury and stress. The stress of training can build up in your muscles and lead to weak and fatigued muscles that cannot withstand the stress they would otherwise be used to.

You may not be familiar with this, but there is a lot of energy lost through daily life as a result of poor body movement. Sitting at a desk, shoveling snow, or even walking to the store can cause a lack of movement. These movements can actually weaken your core muscles, making it easier for you to get injured. But, if you consistently work on improving your core stability while performing your daily activities, you will see increased endurance and mobility gains.

Lower Risk of Injury

Another one of the health benefits of jiu-jitsu is that it can reduce your chances of getting seriously injured during actual combat. This is an unavoidable risk when participating in any martial arts competition.

Even the most highly skilled martial arts practitioners can get injured. However, you will find that the risk of being seriously injured by your opponent is much lower if you are trained properly. Injuries from sparring are far more severe than they would normally be if you were training in a more traditional setting like a gym.

Better Endurance

Improved endurance is another one of the top benefits of jiu-jitsu. If you do not have a lot of flexibility, you will struggle to exercise to the point where you will sustain a regular workout. But, when you regularly perform a full-body workout using various forms of martial arts, you will see significant improvements in your stamina.

Peace of Mind

One of the primary reasons people choose to learn jiu-jitsu is that it is an effective way to remain calm in potentially volatile situations. Being able to remain calm is one of the primary ways to fight back against an opponent effectively. When you are faced with an opponent who is escalating in strength, the last thing that you want to do is to fight back aggressively. However, if you remain calm, you will have a much better chance of defeating your opponent and becoming the victor. Mastering the proper self-defense techniques can help you remain calm in these types of highly emotional situations.


Another one of the important benefits of jiu-jitsu is that it will prepare you for future life experiences. Jiu-jitsu is about learning how to defend yourself when you are in a physical confrontation and teaches you how to properly deal with the stress that you will face as you enter into another human interaction. By learning how to communicate with others during these stressful situations effectively, you will gain the upper hand in any situation you are involved in. Mastering the correct self-defense techniques can give you a clear advantage in any situation where another human being may confront you.


The final benefit of learning about the benefits of jiu-jitsu might be a surprise, but it is the most obvious. Many students begin training with an instructor only to discover that they are highly motivated and dedicated to making martial arts a part of their daily life. This is because they realize that they can use their body movements and martial arts techniques to improve their health and even positively change their social lives.


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