A Beginner’s Guide to Picking the Best BJJ Finger Tape

BJJ finger tapes are one of the most underrated yet essential handwear for a fight. I’m sure there would have been times during your BJJ career when you must have injured your fingers. Otherwise, you wouldn’t bother to pick the best BJJ finger tape. 

Anyway, what is holding you back from protecting your own fingers? Most probably, you must be lacking knowledge! 

If that’s so, today I’m going to share my best BJJ finger tapes. After buying more than 20 types of BJJ finger tapes, I’ve refined these 5 for myself. 

Please note that this is not just a review, once you end up reading this guide, you will be equipped with enough knowledge to choose what’s best for you. 

So, are you ready to learn: 

  • Why BJJ tapes are essential? 
  • How can we use BJJ tapes? 
  • Which one is the best BJJ finger tape? 

Alright, let’s go! 

Know All About BJJ Finger Tape – Uses, Working, and Needs! 

A BJJ finger tape works like a shield for your fingers. It gives the required grip and protects your finger from hurting too much in a fight.

You must be thinking, why do people in BJJ wear finger tape? Of course, it’s necessary to tape fingers. People take time to tape their fingers properly before entering the mat, and if they struggle so much, there must be viable reasons. In fact, here are some that would tell the whole story: 

  • BJJ finger tape is essential because when you fight, the strain on your hands gets enormous. You’ve to make sure that your fingers are safe from any kind of injuries.
  • Going without BJJ finger tape to a fight might lead to a severe injury. Do you know that your hands and fingers take a considerable amount of time to heal? If hurt, it could bench you for a while.
  • Training for Jiu-Jitsu isn’t a piece of cake. It requires long hours of intensive training just to grab and pull the gi. This leads to swollen fingers. So, beginners must wear BJJ finger tape at all times as it gives our fingers extra support and grip. 
  • Another reason why you should tape your fingers is gripping. Some BJJ players find it extremely difficult to grip on their opponents without having a tape on.

Get Your Taping Right With These BJJ Finger Taping Methods

Now that you know why BJJ fighters use finger tape. It’s time to get your taping right. Although the Double Helix taping method is best to put on a BJJ finger tape, there are 3 more ways. If you’re in a hurry, just skip all methods and stick to the Double Helix.

If not, all these 3 methods are amazing and would help you in the long-term. Anyway, let me show you all the major ways so that you can step in the ring like a lion. 

X-Taping in BJJ

If you want a bit of mobility in your fingers, X-Taping is a great method to tape your fingers. It provides superior grip and support as compared to single-joint taping.

Make sure to select a long tape for X-Taping because it’s nearly impossible to apply this method with a short one. 

Here’s  a 3-step process for X-Taping:

Step 1: Start wrapping your fingers from the side of your knuckle.

Step 2: Go around the knuckle twice.

Step 3: Cross over the palm side after 2 circles around the knuckle and form an “X” 

The Buddy System Taping Method 

As the name suggests, the buddy system is a method that supports a weak or a broken finger. You can just wrap 2 fingers together with this method.

You can think of this method as an upgrade over the traditional taping methods. What I like the most about this method is – you can use it with x-taping or single joint taping.

In BJJ, you know how your small fingers are open to injuries. Sometimes, it gets caught in your opponent’s sleeve; the other times, you find it bending and on the verge of breaking. 

The buddy system taping would perfectly support your little fingers and prevent them from injury time and again. 

Restrictive Taping in BJJ

Do you prefer stiff and immobile fingers? Restrictive taping is the best BJJ finger taping method for it. By restrictive taping, you can heal your injured fingers at a faster pace. 

But, I don’t recommend restrictive taping for your fingers or toes as it does not give you a proper grip over your opponent’s gi. You should rather bench for some time until your hurt finger heals back.

If a crucial match is coming up and you can’t skip your daily practice, restrictive taping is the best option you’ve got to protect your damaged finger and practice simultaneously.

Double Helix Taping

The methodology adopted in Double Helix taping is the same as x-taping but there is a little bit of variation. 

When a tendon is pulled and your finger gets fractured, Double Helix taping heals the finger. Besides, you can also grip your opponent as x-taping does.

To ease up your work, here I’ve mentioned a 4-step easy process for Double Helix taping: 

Step 1: Cut a thin piece of tape from the one you have (a quarter of an inch preferably)

Step 2: Start wrapping your fingers underneath the knuckle.

Step 3: Go around the knuckle multiple times, making crosses at the top and bottom of your fingers.

Step 4: Keep bending your finger so that misplaced tendons can shift to their original place and make the finger ready for your next big match.

But… Which Finger Tape is Good for BJJ? 

There are many tapes in the market. Going with a random cheap BJJ finger tape will lack many features. 

Here are 5 BJJ finger tapes that worked well for me so far. There is no one winner here, it’s all about your requirements and expectations. Don’t worry, I’ll fill you with enough knowledge so that you can pick the best tape. 

Hampton Adams White Finger Tape – The Bess BJJ Finger Tape Overall

Hampton Adams finger tape is the best all-rounder performing tape. The tape is specially designed for BJJ but can also be used for hand-contact sports like rock climbing, MMA, weightlifting, etc. One trait that makes this tape stand out is its quality. The tape is made of cotton and super powerful adhesive.

Features of Hampton Adams White Finger Tape

  • Hampton Adams finger tape is made of superior material that keeps stress on fingers and adequately heals the injured ones.
  • It not only just heals but also protects your finger from getting injured during a match. 
  • Even when you use Hampton Adams White tape on a daily basis, it doesn’t cause any irritation. 
  • Although the tape is specifically designed for hands, you can put it on your toes as well. 
  • This tape won’t let your fingers bend because of its stiffness. 
  • The tape absorbs lite moisture which makes it withstand sweat during a fight.

Specifications of Adams White Finger Tape

  • Dimension of the Package: 4.53 x 3.23 x 3.15 inches
  • Weight: 500g
  • Manufacturer: Hampton Adams
  • Price: $9.99(Pack of 4)

Pros & Cons of Buying Hampton Adams White Finger Tape

It’s made up of latex-free materialNot as water-resistant as it should be
Has a super-strength adhesive material
Doesn’t cause skin irritation 

Hampton Adams White tape is an all-round performer. Most BJJ players get this tape because of its superior quality and the grip it provides on opponents. Although the tape is not entirely a water-resistant one, its other features make up for it.

Hampton Adams Premium Jiu-Jitsu & Climber Finger Tape

Hampton Adams premium tape for jiu-jitsu and climbing is a superior quality tape that excels in all parameters. The US-based company has been dominating the lifestyle and fitness market for a while. Let’s have a look at why people spend on this tape before grappling. 

Features of Hampton Adams Premium Jiu-Jitsu & Climber Finger Tape

  • The tape is made of a secret and superior formula that leaves no residue while taking it off.
  • No scissors are needed as this finger tape is thin and easily tearable
  • The Tape doesn’t cause any rash or itches because it has been qualified in labs for hypoallergenic factors
  •  Hampton Adams Premium Jiu-Jitsu & Climber Finger Tape is sweat resistant 

Specifications of Hampton Adams Premium Jiu-Jitsu & Climber Finger Tape

  • Dimension of the Package: 5.2 x 3.19 x 3.19 inches
  • Weight: 208g
  • Manufacturer: Hampton Adams
  • Price: $12.95 (Pack of 8)

Pros & Cons of Hampton Adams Premium Jiu-Jitsu & Climber Finger Tape

The adhesive leaves no residueThe water-resistant factor fails after a certain extent of sweating
Thin and easy to use
It’s tested for being hypoallergenic

Although the water-resistant factor of Hampton Adams premium jiu-jitsu & climber tape isn’t at par with its competitors, the other features are above average. If you want to feel what premium tapes feel like in your hand, Hampton Adams is one of the tapes you should try out

Kuzushilabs Black Finger Tape – Best in Adhesive Quality

Kuzushilabs finger tape has an industry-level adhesive, which I believe is not available in any other tape. The quantity of tape you get in one roll is unbelievable. Literally, it seems to be infinite. I’ve used just 1 roll of Kuzushilabs finger tape for months. 

Features of Kuzushilabs Black Finger Tape

  • The tape has non-latex zinc oxide as an adhesive which increases its reliability and durability
  • The tape is water-resistant to a reasonable extent due to its zinc oxide coating can withstand sweat from your body quite easily
  • It protects your fingers from pain and especially ligament injuries
  • Kuzushilabs finger tape is hypoallergenic and prevents all sorts of skin allergy because it’s blessed with natural cotton and zinc oxide adhesive. 
  • The tape is tested in labs for withstanding 7 N of weight which makes its tearing almost impossible  

Specifications of Juzushilabs Black Finger Tape

  • Dimension of the Package: 3.8 x 3.5 x 2.3 inches
  • Weight: 150g
  • Manufacturer: Kuzushilabs Products
  • Price: $12.95 (Pack of 8)

Pros & Cons of Kuzushilabs Black Finger Tape

Comes with one of the best adhesives The width of the tape is a bit more which makes it uncomfortable at times
Highly water-resistant
The tape is stiff and lasts long

If we talk about BJJ finger tapes, having the best and unique adhesive is important. Along with its stickiness, it’s also necessary to ensure grip.  

When I was struggling with my grip, Kuzushilabs finger tape would’ve been beneficial for me. I wish I would’ve known about this product a tad bit earlier. But no worries, now I know when it would work well, I have it in my BJJ kit. 

Monkey Tape for BJJ – One of the Most Durable BJJ Finger Tape

Monkey Tape company is specifically dedicated to making Jiu Jitsu finger and toe tape. So they know what it takes for a tape to be of supreme quality. 

The company was created because its founders are passionate about Jiu Jitsu. The brand says they love to pay back the sport with their manufacturing. Isn’t that a great way to show love to a sport?

Features of Monkey Tape

  • Monkey Tape is one of the most robust tapes in the market.
  • It heals an injury at a faster pace and also prevents your fingers from breaking or bending 
  • The tape is sticky which gives you a firm grip over your opponents
  • The tape is useful for jiu-jitsu as well as other sports like tennis, rock climbing, and any other hand-contact sport
  • The tape is made of a certain fabric that makes it stick to your fingers for a very long time

Specifications of Monkey Tape

  • Dimension of the Package: 2.91 x 2.52 x 0.87 inches
  • Weight: 68g
  • Manufacturer: Monkey Tape
  • Colors Available: White, tan & black
  • Price: $9.99 (Pack of 4)

Pros & Cons of Monkey Tape

The Durability of the tape makes it stand outYou might find it difficult to remove the tape from the roll at times 
It provides superior grip on your opponents
The fabric used is soft, making it comfortable to wear

Considering all the parameters, the Monkey Tape isn’t a bad option to have. Its strength is epic, the fabric is soft, and it is available in 3 colors for people who like showing off. Haha! The tape’s water-resistant ability isn’t the best, but other features of the tape balance it out very well.

Nextrino Premium Athletic Tape – Easy to Tear

Nextrino premium athletic tape is another BJJ finger tape that protects your finger and gives more grip. This tape is known for performing well in hot climates. 

The company has been in business for quite a while in the industry. They know how to manufacture such BJJ finger tapes that stand out. 

Features of Nextrino Premium Athletic Tape

  • The Nextrino premium athletic tape has a strong adhesive that leaves no residue on your hands after its removal 
  • The tape is extremely easy to tear off as it’s tensile from all directions
  • The tape not only supports your fingers but also can be used on your toes
  • It highly protects us from muscle pulls, sprains, and bone breakage 
  • Known to last long even during intensive workouts 

Specifications of Nextrino Premium Athletic Tape

  • Weight of the Package: 4.57 x 3.43 x 2.64 inches
  • Weight: 147g
  • Manufacturer: Nextrino
  • Price: $13.45 (Pack of 6)

Pros & Cons of Nextrino Premium Athletic Tape

The tape is strong, flexible, and does not leave any residueAlthough the tape is strong, it isn’t durable
The tape is super easy to tear and put on the fingersLearning curve 
The tape is skin-friendly (easy to remove after a fight)

The Nextrino premium athletic tape is a complete package. It’s one of the top tier tapes and works great for many hand-contact sports. Having it wasn’t a bad choice for me. 

Which BJJ Finger Tape is Best?

All the tapes I’ve talked about are the best BJJ finger tapes available in the market. The primary purpose of a BJJ finger tape is to protect your fingers at all times and that’s what these tapes do. 

From my perspective, if you’re a beginner, go for the Hampton Adams Premium Jiu-Jitsu & Climbers Finger Tape because it has everything that is needed to have a nice start. 

In case if you’re a pro aiming for an intensive workout routine, you need something durable and water-resistant. As compared to other tapes, it’s a bit expensive but its superior quality worth the price. 

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