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Top 7 No Gi BJJ Shorts for Competition and Training 2024

Looking for a comfortable and stylish pair of grappling shorts? Look no further!

At 130+ brands, the market for BJJ shorts can be daunting. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you find the perfect pair for your needs. After hours of research, I’m proud to announce our list of the best BJJ no gi shorts.

We looked at a wide range of factors when compiling our list, including features like fabric quality and durability, comfort and fit, and overall design.

We also took user reviews into account, reading comments on Amazon, Reddit, and other sites to get an idea of what people are looking for in a good pair of grappling shorts.

And we didn’t stop there – we also checked Amazon for fake reviews to make sure that only the most trustworthy brands made it onto our list.

We know that a good pair of grappling shorts can make all the difference in your training – that’s why I’ve selected some of the best options out there. Whether you’re looking for durability, comfort or style, we’ve got you covered.

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Shorts

bjj shortsbjj shorts

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The Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Shorts are some of the best grappling shorts on the market. Made of 100% polyester, they are lightweight and have a great stretch for maximum flexibility. They are also designed for fighting, making them perfect for BJJ, wrestling, and other martial arts. The shorts have an improved, secure drawstring that prevents it from getting pulled all the way through. The Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Shorts are a great choice for competition and training.

These shorts are everything I was looking for in a pair of affordable, high-quality IBJJF legal fighting gear. The light material is super breathable and the moisture wicking keeps me dry during rolls while still being compressed enough to prevent any discomfort or bunching up on my part! Plus, they come with this cool drawstring bag that you can use if need be. The shorts are very durable. Definitely not disappointed at all by these quality products from them!

FUJI – Baseline Men’s Grappling Shorts

bjj shortsbjj shorts

When looking for a good pair of no gi BJJ shorts, you want something that will be comfortable and durable. The FUJI – Baseline Men’s Grappling Shorts are a great option for both competition and training.

The shorts feature a drawstring closure as well as a Velcro waistband enclosure for a secure fit. The shorts are also ultra-lightweight and made from a four-way stretch performance fabric. This allows for a full range of motion when training or competing. These FUJI shorts are available in black and meet IBJJF regulations. They are also perfect for customizing with your club logos or sponsors.

I like how light the fabric is, and how softly the laces can be tightened at the waist. The lace is very soft and does not come off. To add, I’m on my first wash cycle and no indications of the Velcro tearing away from the polyester/spandex material yet. I’m hoping these shorts will turn purple over time, but I’m quite satisfied with my purchase because I got two pairs to see how they wear over time.

Ground Force Basic Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Board Shorts

bjj shorts

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The Ground Force Basic Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Board Shorts are a great option for those looking for a lightweight and comfortable pair of shorts to wear while training in No Gi.

Made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, the shorts are stretchy and fit comfortably, while the stretchy side vents and extra stretchy material in the crotch area make them suitable for almost everyone. The shorts close with a strong Velcro strap and a flat drawstring, and the waistband is elastic-free to avoid any discomfort.

I found that the best way to figure out your size is to go by the size jeans you wear, so if you wear a size 32 jeans, chances are that a M (32) Ground Force Lightweight shorts fit you perfectly.

The shorts are available in black and have a clean design with the brand name written on the back of the right leg and on the Velcro strap, as well as a GF logo on the front left leg. At 45.00 euros, they’re not the cheapest pair of shorts out there, but they’re definitely worth the investment.

Hawk Sports BJJ Shorts

bjj shortsbjj shorts

The Hawk Sports BJJ Shorts are a great option for those looking for a versatile pair of shorts that can be used for both training and competition. Made from a lightweight and breathable fabric, these shorts are perfect for athletes who need to move and grapple in all directions. The Y-Vent design ensures a perfect tailored fit, while the triple-stitched Lycra stretch crotch panels provide 360-degree movement. The hook and loop Velcro closure with inner drawstring provides a comfortable and secure fit, and the shorts also feature a hidden pocket for your mouth guard. The high-tech embroidered hawk MMA logo on the front leg completes the look of these stylish and durable shorts. Order your pair today and take advantage of the five-year replacement warranty.

Anthem Athletics Reignite No Gi Shorts

bjj shortsbjj shorts

I’m a huge fan of Anthem Athletics gear. I’ve been wearing their Rashguards for years and they’re some of the best I’ve ever used. So, when I heard they were releasing a new line of fight gear, I was excited to check it out.

The Reignite No Gi Shorts are some of the best shorts I’ve ever used for training and competition. They’re made from a strong and light performance fabric with high-impact, ultra-durable flatlock stitching. The fully-sublimated logos and graphics will never crack or peel, and the internal drawstring and elastic waistband provide maximum comfort and security. The aggressive side slits allow for maximum mobility, and the shorts are optimized for MMA, BJJ, grappling, and no-gi training. They’re also competition approved models.

The athletic fit is perfect, and the American sizing ensures a perfect fit every time. The price to value ratio is excellent, and I highly recommend these shorts to anyone looking for an excellent pair of training or competition shorts.

Hayabusa Hexagon

bjj shortsbjj shorts

As you can see, the Hayabusa Hexagon Shorts are a great option for those looking for a versatile pair of no gi BJJ shorts. They are made from a durable fabric that will withstand the rigors of training and competition, and they have a comfortable fit that will keep you locked in place. Additionally, the mid-thigh length provides ample mobility, while the inner thigh stretch panels allow for an even greater range of motion. And with a variety of eye-catching styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect pair of shorts to suit your taste.

I was hesitant to spend so much on a pair of BJJ shorts, but after I received them, my doubts vanished. The fabric is ideal; the insides of the garment are perfect; and the Velcro waist band is wonderful. I will certainly suggest purchasing the greatest to anybody at any level so that you may feel and look great as well.

Progress Jiu-Jitsu BJJ Board Shorts

bjj shortsbjj shorts

If you’re looking for a pair of board shorts that are specifically designed for comfort during BJJ training sessions, look no further than Progress Jiu Jitsu’s Academy Board Shorts. Made from a durable four-way stretch material, these shorts will allow you to move freely without any restrictions. Additionally, the 80% polyester and 20% spandex blend make them ideal for even the most strenuous training sessions. Plus, the sublimated design means that you don’t have to worry about the graphics cracking, running, or fading over time.

Whether you’re a fan of Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, or Judo, these versatile shorts can be worn anytime, anywhere. And with a mission to provide the highest quality apparel possible, Progress takes enormous pride in pursuing this goal so that their fellow Jiu Jitsu players can pursue theirs. So if you’re looking for a pair of shorts that will help you make progress in your training (and in life), look no further than Progress Jiu Jitsu’s Academy Board Shorts.

Best BJJ Shorts – Buyer’s Guide

What Are BJJ Shorts?

No gi grappling shorts, or BJJ shorts, are purpose-built shorts for jiu jitsu. They typically have no pockets, are made from stretchy quick drying materials, have reinforced stitching and have a hemline that finishes at or above the knee.

These shorts are worn during no gi session in your academy. You might see some people wear pants and a rash guard like Eddie Bravo back in the day, but trust me when I say that you’ll look and feel better wearing a proper no gi set.

What To Look For In No Gi Shorts?

  • Flexibility and Mobility – In order to practice martial arts effectively, you need to be flexible. This is where having a good pair of BJJ No-Gi shorts is useful.
  • Comfort – Grappling shorts should be comfortable so you can focus on your match. Look for BJJ shorts that are lightweight and breathable. They should also have no pockets so you can move freely.
  • Sublimated Design – Quality BJJ shorts are usually sublimated, which refers to a heat and pressure printing process. This literally embeds the artwork into the fabric, making it last much longer and reducing the chance of the artwork fading or peeling.
  • Size – You need to select the right size of Jiu-Jitsu shorts. They should fit your body perfectly – not too tight or too loose. The right size is important for your training and match performances.
  • Material – When choosing the material for your fight shorts, it is important to find something that does not tear or rip easily. Look for materials that soak up sweat and dry quickly so you stay comfortable during your match.

Can I Wear Compression Shorts Instead?

Please — don’t let it be the ONLY thing you wear. I use compression shorts under my fight shorts to keep my junk from flopping around. This also helps to move moisture away from my skin and prevents rash and chafe. I use Under Armor Compression Shorts, but I have also had luck with Nike shorts. You just don’t want to buy the cheapest ones because they will all ride up, and you’ll be continuously adjusting them until you look like a sexual deviant on the mat that can’t stop stroking themselves.

Can I Wear Gi Pants Instead?

Yes, you can. We used to do it back in the day, but there’s no reason today to not own a pair of shorts and be a fashionable hipster. If you’ve trained for 6 months or so, just invest in a pair. You’ll feel like a million bucks!


A good pair of no gi BJJ shorts is a must-have for any grappler. They should be made from a stretchy, quick-drying material and have a hemline that finishes at or above the knee. Additionally, they should be comfortable so you can focus on your match. Look for shorts that are lightweight and breathable, with no pockets. The right size is important for your training and match performances. Finally, make sure the material does not tear or rip easily. With these criteria in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect pair of BJJ shorts for you. Thanks for reading!

I hope this guide was helpful in finding the best no gi BJJ shorts for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below. And if you found this guide helpful, please share it with your friends and training partners! Thanks for reading!

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