Joe Rogan in BJJ: How Good Is He Really?

There is no doubt about it, Joe Rogan is a badass. Not only is he a famous podcast host with one of the most successful podcasts in the world, but he is also a UFC commentator and an accomplished Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner. On Instagram he describes himself in this way: stand-up comic/mixed martial arts fanatic/psychedelic … Read more

How To Make Money In Jiu-Jitsu Without A Gym

It’s inevitable, those who fall in love with Jiu-Jitsu want to know how they can do it full-time. In this post, I’ll look at: How you can get a job in BJJ and how much you can make What prize money to expect as a competitor How you can find sponsors if you’re competing How … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Get a Blue Belt in BJJ?

How Long Does It Take To Get a Blue Belt in BJJ?

The average time it takes to achieve a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is usually around 1-2 years, depending on your training frequency and other factors. Some people may be able to progress faster, while others may take a bit longer. There is no set time frame, and ultimately it comes down to individual progression. … Read more

How to Tie Your BJJ Belt?

There are different ways you can tie your belt. Some prefer the quick and easy method, while others like making sure it won’t come undone easily, so they have an extra layer of security when practicing or competing in front of a crowd! These popular methods on how people choose to do their own tying … Read more

Hottest Female UFC Fighters

“MMA and Women” still makes some people frown. It takes a lot of courage to go out into a man’s world and make a name for yourself. If you’re an avid MMA fan, you probably know most women on the list and you’re aware of the fact that there’s some serious eye candy. Not only … Read more