7 Best Jiu-Jitsu Mats for Home

Gone are the days when only a few BJJ mats were available. Nowadays, there are so many factors to consider, such as material, structure, and type. More importantly, COVID-19 showed us why we need BJJ mats for home.

Instead of testing a bunch of mats yourself, take some time out of your schedule, and read this post. My extensive traveling allowed me to roll on various mats across the globe. And guess what? Only a handful turned out to be useful.

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What BJJ Mats for Home Should You Buy

Here are the top three Jiu-Jitsu Mats that are perfect for daily training. To grasp their in-depth features, don’t sleep on the details I’ve mentioned. After all, the smallest things make the biggest impact!

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7 Best Jiu-Jitsu Mats for Home

– Best Overall

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Dollamur is based in Fort Worth, Texas, which was founded in 1996. It’s one of the top sports gear manufacturing companies in the field of wrestling, MMA, jiu-jitsu, and much more. The brand has an immense reputation worldwide and is the largest mat supplier for North American fighting tournaments.

Features of Dollamur Flexi-Roll Wrestling Mat

  • It gives excellent stability and shock absorption for the perfect training 
  • The cross-linked foam on the mat makes it lightweight
  • The mat’s surface is made up of tough vinyl with non-woven polyester that makes it strong and comfortable
  • Good enough for rigorous daily training as the use of high-athletic foam makes it durable
  • Super safe for your health as manufacturers preferred antimicrobial material over harmful biocidal additives 

Specifications of Dollamur Flexi- Roll Wrestling Mat

Dimension of the Package: 60 x 17 x 17 inches

Material: Vinyl and non-woven polyester

Mat Thickness: 1.25 inches

Mat Weight: 9 kgs


  • Highly durable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 5-year warranty that itself proves its worth


  • Sometimes it gets tough to find grip 

Dollamur Flexi-Roll Wrestling mat is strong and durable and can withstand compression. On top of everything, it’s super easy to clean and doesn’t need much maintenance. 

– Super Lightweight

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BalanceFrom is a Californian company that was founded back in 2013. It specializes in fitness and exercise products.

Features of BalanceFrom Exercise Mat

  • The high-density EVA foam gives this mat a superior grip as well as comfortability
  • The possibility of falling and getting injured is low
  • The mat is extremely lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Its excellent resilience and balance is quite exceptional for practice 
  • Easily washable because of its moisture-resistant ability

Specifications of BalanceFrom Exercise Mat

Dimensions of the Package: 26.5 x 21.8 x 4.4 inches

Material: EVA Foam

Mat Thickness: Ranges from ½’’ to 1’’

Mat Weight: 2.8 kgs


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Provides superior gripping
  • High resilience 


  • Assembling takes time 

The BalanceForm Exercise Mats are multi-purpose mats that are suitable for MMA, Wrestling, and Jiu-Jitsu. I like these mats the most because they’re light and easy to transport.

– Easiest to Store

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IncStores is one of the leading e-commerce companies that has made a good reputation since 2007. The vision of the company is to manufacture products that are best in class.

Features of IncStores Roll Out Wrestling & Tumbling Mats

  • The mat has a roll-up system that makes it easy to set up, roll, and transport 
  • The mats can be used for practicing various combat sports like MMA, wrestling, karate, judo, etc.
  • The cross-linked polyethylene foam used in the mat takes care of the mat cushioning
  • Its vinyl material makes it lightweight
  • Thanks to its vinyl top, the mat is shock absorbent and easy to clean

Specifications of IncStores Roll Out Wrestling & Tumbling Mats

Dimension of the Package: 120 x 60 x 1.42 inches

Mat Dimension: 5’ X 10’

Material: Crosslinking Polyethylene foam and Tough 24 oz; vinyl on the top surface

Mat Thickness: 1¼’’

Mat Weight: ~10 kgs


  • Safe to do everyday practice
  • Polyethylene foam absorbs shock
  • Easy to roll-up and store when not in use


  • Poses difficulty in washing at times

If you want one mat for all of your needs, IncStores roll out wrestling and tumbling mat is the perfect solution. The mat is super simple to store somewhere.

– Most Comfortable

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Z Athletic was founded back in 1993 by a US Olympic Gymnast Coach in Noblesville. The company has been striving to make quality products for sports like gymnastics, martial arts, and exercise. 

Features of Z Athletic Gymnastics Mat

  • The mat provides firm support to your body whenever you exercise or fight on it 
  • Soft on the knees
  • It has a panel (2ft wide) that allows quick and easy storage
  • The high-density cross-linked polyethylene foam makes the mat durable
  • You can connect other mats with the Z Athletic gymnastics mat with the hooks фтв loops it has on all ащгк sides
  • The 18oz vinyl coating at the top of the mat makes it easy to clean

Specifications of Z Athletic Gymnastics Mat

Material: High-density polyethylene foam and 18oz vinyl

Mat Dimensions:  4ft x 8ft x 2in 

Mat Weight: 9 kgs


  • Firm but comfortable
  • Easy to wash
  • Protects you from injuries


  • The mat cover is a bit loose, which can be irritating  

– Most Functional and Usable

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IncStores is an Arizona-based company founded in 2007. The company specializes in manufacturing rubber, gym, garage, and soft foam flooring & tiles.  More importantly, IncStores is known for its quick delivery and humble customer service.

Features of IncStores MMA Interlocking Foam Tiles

  • You can use the mat from both ends as it’s reversible
  • The mat is shock and water-resistant along with being a poor conductor of electricity
  • The tiles are easy to install, disassemble, and easy to clean
  • The closed-cell EVA foam gives you the required gripping on the mat
  • You can use the mat for MMA, home guy, aerobic, cardio, and many other practice purposes

Specifications of IncStores MMA Interlocking Foam Tiles

Material: Closed-cell EVA foam

Mat Dimensions: 24’’ X 24’’ X 1’’

Mat Weight: ~1kg/tile


  • Mat is reversible
  • The mat comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Quick and easy to clean and assemble


  • Sharp objects could damage the tiles

– Best Sweat-Resistance

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Everlast was founded in 1910, and it’s one of the leading manufacturers of boxing, MMA, and other fitness gear. It has been well-renowned and one of the most used brands in the combat sports world.

Features of Everlast Folding Mat

  • Durable and sturdy material
  • The non-absorbent outer layer of the mat prevents sweat or dirt from sticking to it
  • Everlast folding mat gives you a stable foundation for any practice or exercise you do
  • The mat has two handles that make it easy to transport

Specifications of Everlast Folding Mat

Dimension of the Package: 35.5 x 24 x 4.3 inches

Mat Weight: 7.2 kgs


  • Its bonded foam gives extra comfort
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to fold and store


  • The mat is a little heavy

Although this Everlast Folding mat is heavy, it gave me a nice grip and sturdiness. When I want to go through intense training, I put this mat up on the floor. It’s water-resistant and absorbs sweat. 

– Best for Beginners

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Greatmats is a Wisconsin based company founded in 1999 whose primary motive is customer satisfaction.  Their expertise is in manufacturing foam tiles, gym & rubber flooring, gymnastic mats, and other kids’ mats.

Features of Greatmats Home Interlocking MMA Puzzle Mats

  • The mat is strong, durable, and its cushioning provides excellent overall protection during training 
  • It’s waterproof and easy to clean
  • You can switch sides and use it both ways as it comes with the reversibility feature
  • Soft cushioning, traction, and gripping
  • Works for BJJ, Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Karate, and all other types of combat sports

Specifications of Greatmats Home Interlocking MMA Puzzle Mats

Tile Dimension: 2’ X 2’ X 1’’

Tile Material: Reinforced foam

Mat Weight: 1.5kgs


  • Strong and durable
  • Great cushioning for comfortability
  • Provides adequate traction


  • The tiles are a bit heavy

Greatmats is a viable and affordable option for beginners. When you start off, you’re gonna go through some rigorous sessions. This mat doesn’t get scratches or dirt easily. By the way, if you’re into various combat sports, this one is an all-in-one package for you. 

Types of BJJ Mats for Home

Jigsaw Mats – Budget Option 

If you’re low on budget and looking for a long term mat, Jigsaw mats are best.  These mats are made of a foam known as EVA.  Mostly, I’ve seen people putting it up in their rooms and apartments.

As of now, there are 2 width options to choose from: 20mm and 40mm. 

It would be best if you go with 40mm mats because they will adequately protect you from injury and be more shock absorbent. 

Judo Mats – Heavy Duty Mats

If a moderate budget and medium room space sound like something for you, a judo mat is what you should opt for. 

These 50 mm thick Judo mats are made from foam sheets. Besides, they also have a PVC layer on top of it for superior gripping.

The only catch with Judo mats is, they are heavy-duty. If you keep such a mat around, you can’t carry on any other activity. 

So if you want the room free for other activities, don’t go for judo mats.

Roll Outs Mat – Portable Mats

Roll out are the best setup mats for your room. As the name suggests, you can set these up in the room and roll them up when you’re done. 

These mats are comfortable, and you can even transport them quite easily. The approximate thickness of a roll-out mat is 35-45mm.

If you’re short on space and don’t want your room to be engaged with BJJ/ jiu-jitsu training, roll out mats are the best option.

If we talk about these mats’ quality, they’re quite good as they are generally made of vinyl material.

Folding Mats – Easy to Store

Just like roll-out mats, folding mats are easy to store and easy to set up. The mat has handles on both sides that make it convenient to carry and even transport.

Folding mats are significantly thick. They’re extremely shock absorbent and comfortable at the same time. Usually, their thickness varies from 40-50mm.

In case you’re not familiar with heavy mats, you can stick to the roll-out mats. 

Ways to Clean a BJJ Mats at Home

Sweep or Dry Mop the Mat

Sweeping will help you get rid of the macro dirt like hair, dust, sand, etc. To avoid scratches on your BJJ mats, make sure you use an appropriate broom with soft bristles. From my perspective, drying mop the mat daily and then going for any kind of wet mop is a good idea. 

Vacuum the Mat

Suppose you would mind cleaning, again and again. In that case, a vacuum cleaner is a great and budget-friendly alternative to serve the purpose. Just make sure you choose the one which doesn’t leave scratches on your home mat. You don’t need to clean the mat daily; once or twice a week is enough.

How To Sanitize and Disinfect Jiu-Jitsu Mats at Home

In this pandemic situation, hygiene should be your top priority. If you think that dry cleaning would be enough, that’s wrong. You need to sanitize and disinfect the mat as well. Here’s how! 

Antibacterial & Antiviral Cleaners

Antibacterial and antiviral cleaners are a crucial part of hygiene. If you practice with a partner, you’re prone to have staph, fungi, and even HIV. 

The most common infection in BJJ and Jiu-Jitsu is ringworm. It’s a fungal infection, which is pretty common in grappling. This infection is transmittable and spreads throughout the body quickly.

So having your mat cleaned with antibacterial and antiviral cleaners is essential for you and your partner’s safety.

Clean Your Mat with Soap & Water Solutions

Using soap and warm water is an orthodox yet effective solution to disinfect a mat. Make sure you don’t add too much soap. Otherwise, it will leave a residue on the mat, and you will slip on it as if you’ve stepped on a banana peel.

There are times when the practice mat becomes oily and greasy. In that case, it becomes tough to remove the dirt. But hey, don’t worry because a soap solution can effectively help you get rid of all the grease and oil. 

The best part of using a soap and water solution is that most soaps are antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal.

The Bottom Line 

All seven mats can be used for multiple combat sports and even for regular exercising. It all depends on your requirements. From my experience, the Dollamur Flexi-Roll Wrestling Mats are the best BJJ mats for home.

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I hope now you know which mat is perfect for you. Whether you’re a beginner or a black belt, you will always need a good mat to practice on. Undoubtedly, these mats will help you become a better fighter.

Happy training!

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