Best MMA Cup and Groin Protectors 2024

Many MMA and BJJ enthusiasts know by heart what it means to wear a protective cup. And even your own instructor may still perform the cup check to verify.

Essentially, MMA groin guards help protect your groin area from injury. But with plenty to choose from, we sought seven of the best that you can try out today.

Can You Do Without MMA Cups?

In all honesty, wearing martial arts cups is highly advised. And that’s because it may determine whether or not you’ll be able to sire children in the future.

Not wearing an MMA cup can lead to three worst-case scenarios that you wouldn’t wish on your opponent. They include:

  • Severe pain from a groin injury
  • Ruptured testicles
  • Torn penis

Excruciating Pain

Most guys would cringe when they see someone else taking a hit in the groin area. But in Jiu Jitsu or MMA, a direct hit to the groin area will have even the mightiest fighters screaming out in pain.

Ruptured Testicles

A ruptured testicle is even worse, and yes, it does happen and is far common than you think. Without an MMA cup, your nuts can easily rapture or explode when they take a direct hit.

Torn Penis

It may still be unheard of in MMA, but athletes from other sports know all too well how horrific it can be. But all it really takes to prevent such an injury is to wear an MMA cup.

Best MMA Cups Reviews

While it’s now clear that you cannot do without an MMA cup, picking the best can also be a hurdle. But not today, though.

Below is a comparison table of the top 5 MMA cups we handpicked, tested, and reviewed.

Diamond MMA Athletic Cup

Diamond MMA Adult Athletic Cup Groin Protector w/ Soft...
635 Reviews
Diamond MMA Adult Athletic Cup Groin Protector w/ Soft...
  • 💠 PROTECT YOUR DIAMOND: Designed for repeated high impacts in contact sports, you can take...
  • 🥋 COMBAT ESSENTIAL: Whether you need mixed martial arts groin protectors, muay thai cup,...
  • 💥 COMFORTABLE GROIN PROTECTOR CUP: Diamond MMA cup's patented design protects sensitive...

Made from military-grade spandex, Diamond MMA cups top the list for most professionals. And that’s simply because of Diamond MMA’s commitment to quality. 

Quick Summary

  • Can use 4-strap jock
  • Military-grade elastics
  • Can withstand up to 20lbs of impact
  • Softened edge on the cup for comfort

For starters, Diamond’s MMA cups are made from durable plastic that’s also used in making bullet-proof glass. As such, the cups offer great protection for anyone who’s into martial arts.

Besides, the cups have also been made with comfort in mind. One can equally use diamond’s MMA cups with their signature 4-strap jock. And this will ensure there’s little movement once you set it in place.

Diamond MMA goes further by ensuring the edge of the cup is soft. Therefore, you’ll hardly feel like the cup is uncomfortably digging into your groin. This makes it a worthy pick for anyone in search of comfort and durability.


  • Super comfortable
  • Seamless between the cup and compression shorts
  • Snug fit


  • Slightly costly

Shock Doctor BioFlex Athletic Cup + Jockstrap

Shock Doctor Jock Strap Supporter with BioFlex Cup...
1,839 Reviews
Shock Doctor Jock Strap Supporter with BioFlex Cup...
  • PROTECTION – Shock Doctor has been the leading sports protection manufacturer. Designed to...
  • COMFORT – Created with breathable, four-way stretch mesh, the Core Supporter achieves the...
  • PERFORMANCE - Vented bio-shape cup designed to shield areas where protection is most crucial....

If Diamond MMA didn’t quite cut it for you, then you’re likely to love what Shock Doctor has to offer. Not just in terms of quality alone, but accessories too.

Quick Summary

  • Designed from synthetic materials
  • Flexible cup design
  • Has flatlock seams
  • Youth and Adult sizes available.

By default, Shock Doctor’s BioFlex Athletic Cup also comes with a jockstrap too. This means you’re free to swap in an existing cup and use it with Shock Doctor’s jockstrap.

On the other hand, Shock Doctor’s cup has a lot going on around it as well. For instance, the flexible cup design ensures comfort even when you’re in motion. As such, you may hardly feel the cup, and this is a big bonus.

Additionally, the cup is made from strong plastic. But Shock Doctor ensures that the cup perfectly forms to your body’s anatomy. And this goes a long way in offering the protection you greatly need even when exercising.


  • Has a flexible cup
  • Removable cup
  • Soft waistband for comfort


  • Some users find the elastic a little tight, especially when new.
  • Jockstrap could have been better.

Lo Bloo Thai Cup 2.0

lobloo Thai Cup 2.0 Patented Athletic Groin Cup for...
803 Reviews
lobloo Thai Cup 2.0 Patented Athletic Groin Cup for...
  • DESIGNED BY ATHLETES: Tried and tested by elite athletes active in a multitude of sports.
  • UNRESTRICTED MOVEMENT: Our patented fitting system provides 100% protection and agility.
  • ONE TIME SET UP: Just adjust the straps. Do it right and you’ll be set forever.

One thing you’ll love about the Lo Bloo Thai Cup is its professional and low profile outlook. But it still shines in terms of comfort and protection. And in a big way too.

Quick Summary

  • Low profile cup
  • Can withstand up to 4tonnes of pressure
  • Easily adjustable
  • Comfortable lining

Few MMA groin protectors quite look like the Lo Bloo Thai Cup 2.0. That’s because this MMA cup has a minimalistic and low-profile design that any professional would love.

However, the Lo Bloo doesn’t excel in looks alone, but performance too. The cup is made from steel, which enables it to withstand up to 4 tonnes of pressure.

But while using steel can make the cup heavier and even uncomfortable, Lo Bloo chose a unique design to address such concerns. For instance, Lo Bloo uses a thin waistband and two banded cords to secure the cup.

The cup also has a soft plastic edge which is immensely important in absorbing and diffusing the force of impact. This way, you won’t experience any discomfort even when you take a serious hit.

  • Simple design
  • Can be worn with/out compressions shorts
  • High durability
  • Requires assembly and adjustments before proper fit

Diamond MMA 4-Strap

Diamond MMA Jock Strap + Athletic Cup for Men - Medium...
723 Reviews
Diamond MMA Jock Strap + Athletic Cup for Men - Medium...
  • 🥊 COMPLETE GROIN PROTECTIVE GEAR: The Diamond MMA jockstrap and cup system is the ultimate...
  • 💪 PREMIUM HIGH QUALITY: Made from military grade elastics and premium spandex, the Diamond...
  • 🥋 COMBAT ESSENTIAL: Whether you need mixed martial arts groin protector, muay thai cup,...

If you liked the Shock Doctors cup + jockstrap offer, then the Diamond MMA 4-strap could equally be for you. The best part? It brings everything you love about Diamond MMA cups.

Quick Summary

  • Patent-pending secure-fit for max protection
  • Co-molded elastomer design for comfort
  • Military-grade elastics
  • Best for high-impact sports

Diamond MMA’s 4-Strap supporter jock and cup underscore the essence of premium quality. The cups themselves are built from military-grade elastics, which ensures maximum protection against direct hits.

But that’s not all. The Diamond MMA 4-Strap Supporter Jock and Cup also feature a patent-pending secure fit. Ideally, this gives you the freedom to move without worrying about readjusting the cup in place.

What’s more, is that comfort is still an integral part of Diamond MMA. And this is evident in the co-molded elastomer design. 

Venum Challenger Groin Guard

Venum 'Challenger' Groinguard and Support, Ice, Medium,...
2,962 Reviews
Venum "Challenger" Groinguard and Support, Ice, Medium,...
  • Double-layers shock absorbers for supreme groin protection.

It’s easy to draw up many similarities between the Venum Challenger and the Diamond MMA 4-Strap. But the Venum Challenger Groin Guard has a few features that are uncommon among many other MMA and BJJ cups.

Quick Summary

  • Double-layered shock absorber
  • Rubber gel shield for minimizing the initial impact
  • Anatomical design for comfort and unrestricted mobility
  • Venum Dry Tech material for ventilation

Venum Challenger’s greatest perk is perhaps its double-layered shock absorber. It makes this MMA cup not only comfortable to use but also increases its overall durability as well.

Venum still goes ahead to further minimize the effect of an impact by using a rubber gel shield. And this also improves the comfort you’d get from the Venum Challenger.

It’s also worth noting that the Venum Challenger Groin Guard is perfectly adapted for Venum’s Dry Tech supporter cup. As such, you’ll not only get an optimal fit but also enjoy more ventilation and faster evaporation of sweat.


  • Double-layered shock absorber minimizes the impact.
  • Dry tech material makes it lightweight and sweat-free
  • Anatomical design makes mobility easy.
  • Comfortable thanks to rubber gel shield


  • Jockstraps are not as secure as compression shorts

RDX Groin Protector

The RDX Groin Protector is the second MMA cup on the list to use steel rather than heavy-duty plastic. But unlike the Lo Bloo Thai Cup, the RDX cup has some stark differences.

Quick Summary

  • Uses steel cup instead of plastic
  • Easy to use EZ strap system
  • Non-removable cup
  • Closed-cell rim design

For starters, the RDX Groin Protector uses a non-removable cup design. And this can either be a bonus or a nuisance for some people. On the one hand, it’ll be fairly simple to handle, even for newbies. 

However, you won’t be able to swap in a different cup. Also, the cleaning process may differ since you cannot put the cup aside.

But regardless, the RDX Groin Protector does a good job of keeping you well-protected. The fact that it uses a steel cup is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Its closed-cell rim design coupled with the EZ strap system also makes your life a whole lot easier. That’s because you won’t have any trouble achieving a comfortable fit.


  • Good value for money
  • Handcrafted with tough Maya hide leather
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight


  • Not machine-washable due to non-removable cup

Hayabusa Steel Armoured Cup

Hayabusa Steel Armoured Cup - Black, One Size
182 Reviews
Hayabusa Steel Armoured Cup - Black, One Size
  • Muay Thai design and tie system
  • Premium cast steel for indestructible strength
  • Perfect molded shape for an ideal fit

The Hayabusa Steel Armoured Cup closely resembles the Lo Bloo Thai Cup than the RDX Groin Protector. And the biggest reason is Hayabusa Steel Cup’s low-profile design.

Quick Summary

  • Premium-cast steel
  • Perfect molded shape
  • Muay Thai design
  • Contoured inner padding and an outer cushion layer

It’s worth mentioning that the Hayabusa Steel Armoured Cup uses a Muay Thai design and tie system. As such, it’s suitable for any Muay Thai fanatic who needs an MMA cup that can offer great groin protection.

Comfort is also an aspect that the Hayabusa Armoured Cup addressed. The MMA cup’s molded shape coupled with the contoured inner padding makes it gentle to use. What’s more, is that its outer cushion layer will also minimize the force of impact. 


  • Lightweight
  • Low profile
  • Well ventilated
  • Comfortable to wear thanks to flex zones and inner padding


  • Lacing up to a proper fit takes time.

The Ultimate MMA Cup Buying Guide for 2024 & Beyond

While MMA cups all seem pretty straightforward, they aren’t always made equally – and for good reasons too. 

But at the same time, this makes picking one good MMA cup challenging, especially for newbies. That’s because there are literally hundreds to choose from.

However, to pick a good MMA cup, there are essentially 4 considerations to make. They include:

  • The type of cup
  • The size
  • The material
  • The quality

Type of Cup: Compression Shorts or Jockstraps?

This is usually the first consideration as it is anchored on your overall comfort and preference. Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that both offer good protection.

Compression Shorts

These are increasingly becoming popular for most MMA and BJJ enthusiasts. And that’s mainly because they are slightly more advanced.

While they look like regular compression shorts, they have a sleeve where you can slot in your MMA cup. The tightness of the shorts then holds the cup in place.

As such, many prefer them because they:

  • Lack straps
  • Allow the cup to stay in one place.
  • Can be used with different MMA cups


On the other hand, jockstraps have been around the longest. As a result, they also come in a few different varieties.

You can either opt for the one that resembles underwear or the one with a small groin guard. 

Like compression shorts, jockstraps also feature a cup compartment. However, it is usually held in place by several straps.

Choosing a Proper Size

The whole purpose of wearing an MMA cup is for groin protection. Therefore, choosing a size that doesn’t properly fit can jeopardize that protection.

It would be best if you looked for an MMA cup that has a snug fit. This will ensure there’s little movement of the cup when you’re in motion.

Also, you should pick a cup with a tight but comfortable fit. Ideally, the cup should not restrict your movement in any way.

Comfort or Protection?

MMA cups are generally made from two materials – plastic or metal. But while most people believe metal is superior, this is not always the case.

Plastic MMA cups also offer plenty of protection. However, comfort remains one of their biggest perks. And it’s because plastic MMA cups can be a little gentle even when the fit is not perfect.

Steel MMA cups will offer the best protection. In fact, some metal cups can even withstand forces of up to 4 tonnes. This makes them ideal for instances where there’s heavy sparring, such as in Muay Thai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wash your MMA cups?

You can wash many MMA cups and with ease. All you need to do is to hand wash the cup in warm water and with mild detergent.

However, some MMA cups come with specific instructions on how you should wash them. As such, always refer to the manual if one is available.

Do you need more than one MMA cup?

One good MMA cup is really all you need. Nevertheless, you can consider getting an additional MMA cup if you’re competing. This will allow you to use one for training and the other for competitions.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, it all boils down to choice and personal preference when looking for the best MMA cup. That’s because your comfort comes in first.

But while you can deliberate over the features, there’s a good chance the Diamond MMA Athletic Cup will top your list too.

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