7 Best MMA Gloves for Beginners & Pros in 2024

Besides being an utmost exciting & effective workout, mixed martial arts is one of the most aggressive full-contact combat sports. To be able to enjoy your training to the fullest and gain better results, you should carefully select your equipment.  Especially when it comes to gloves that protect not only the bones of your hands … Read more

Best Grappling Dummies in 2024 Reviewed

best grappling dummy

Mixed martial arts, sambo, judo – achieving success in these types of martial arts is impossible without quality training. In the classroom, athletes hone their skills not only in pairs but also with exercises using a grappling dummy. Dummies for practicing techniques differ in design, filling material, size, and other characteristics. What is this grappling … Read more

How To Wash a BJJ Gi (+ Care Instructions)

How To Wash A Gi

Your BJJ gi can retain sweat, dirt, odor, and oils. A lot of it. It’s therefore of utmost importance to take appropriate care of the gi to maintain maximum quality and longevity without damaging it.  If you find that your gi has shrunk or has been damaged, don’t be too quick to criticize the brand! … Read more

Best BJJ Gis in April 2024 (Reviewed and Compared)

best bjj gi

With over 15 years of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experience, I’ve tried just about every BJJ gi on the market. As both a competitor and instructor, I know first-hand how important it is to find a high-quality, comfortable gi that can withstand years of intense training. Selecting the best BJJ gi can be tricky for both … Read more

Best Rash Guards for BJJ and MMA in 2024

Best Rashguards for BJJ and MMA

In this article, I’ll cover everything from the intricate details of choosing resilient rash guards to the most attractive BJJ shirts that are available for purchase. Rash guards have been an invaluable piece of attire for most BJJ athletes – and for a reason! Not only do they look badass, but they directly improve your … Read more

Best Mouthguards for BJJ and MMA in 2024

Best Mouthguard for BJJ and MMA

When you practice BJJ, MMA, and boxing, it’s a must for you to use a mouthguard. As a BJJ practitioner, I realized the value of using the best BJJ mouthguard that’s available on the market. This article will discuss the best mouthguards and the proper way of using and taking care of a mouthguard. The … Read more

Which Martial Art Should I Learn?

Which Martial Art To Choose?

You’ve decided to start practicing a martial art but have no idea which one to pick? I’ve compiled a list of the most popular martial arts TODAY. The idea of paying a monthly fee to get choked and beaten every couple of days might sound like madness to some people. But, it will probably be … Read more

9 Reasons Why You Should Study Martial Arts

Why study martial arts

The obvious answer is: because it’s fun! I started doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu after seeing a Youtube video of Royce Gracie beating a bigger guy, and I got wildly intrigued. I had no idea what to expect the first time I went, but it slowly turned into an obsession. This didn’t happen overnight, and I’ve had … Read more