Tatami Nova BJJ Gi Review

Looking for a good gi can be a hassle sometimes, given that there are so many out there online, so we decided to find a good one to review and guide you into choosing one that fits your needs.

We picked the Tatami nova blue BJJ gi, reviewed it, discussing everything from price to fabric quality and everything in between.

Tatami Nova Gi Features

The tatami brand got a lot of exposure at the same rate as BJJ when it first gained popularity. The nova gi is the entry-level gi of any BJJ.

Fabric & Embroidery

Now a lot of newcomers go ahead and buy a judo gi which is technically not the same. One thing you will notice with the BJJ gi is that the lapel is thicker than a judo gi. That’s because in BJJ the collar is used as a weapon to choke and submit.

Tatami proceeded to make them into a rubber collar, and if you ask us, that’s genius! The rubber collar will help absorb the sweat and reduce bacteria build-up.

The advanced weave that continues all the way down to the bottom of the jacket makes for the best results in terms of durability because it means you have strength overall the whole gi. As opposed to a Judo gi jacket which is only thick at the top but not at its bottom. It also enables you to choke with the bottom of the gi without ruining the fabric.

The gi comes with very well stitched reinforced splits sowed into the sides and all along the bottom.

The knee patch is reinforced with a strong weave since a lot of jiu-jitsu is practiced on the knees. If you also pay attention at the bottom of the pats, you’ll see that there are 4 rows of stitching, again reinforcing the texture and adding to the durability of the gi. An extra gusset is at the bottom of the pants as well, allowing for free leg movement without them tearing apart.


For an entry-level gi, Tatami has really gone above and beyond to provide a gi that will last you for a long time, this is great news for the “porrada everyday” athletes who want to train for hours.

The Gi is relatively lightweight but still strong made of 100% cotton. The Tatami gi comes in 4 different colors: white, black and blue, and kaki.


The Gi comes with the traditional drawstring trouser that is traditional in Judo gis as well.  In most gi-oriented martial arts, the pants are worn slightly above the hip which prevents them from getting pulled around.

The BJJ Gis have quite a different sizing system than Judo and other gi-oriented martial arts.

The sizing goes from A0 to A4 for adults, and for kids, the sizing is from M0 to M4. The BJJ cut as well is slightly tighter than other Gis. The cut of the gi tends to be shorter at the bottom of the jacket, the sleeves slightly long and the pants fairly shorter.

For instance, for someone who’s fairly lean and around 5ft tall, an A1 would do just fine. If you’re taller or a bit bulkier an A2 would be more suitable and so forth.

Washing and Drying

Usually, BJJ enthusiasts will have a couple of more Gis so that they’re able to train without destroying their gi in the washing machine. Always make sure you wash it though, even if it’s just one gi because the material is very thick and the bacteria will grow inside it.

If you’ve ever been to any BJJ practitioner’s home, you’ll likely see gis drying everywhere: it’s always best of course to let them dry in the sunlight, which will kill any remaining bacteria.

If you’ve got a blue gi or any other color of the gi, it’s advisable to get a color catcher which will help preserve its color.


The gi comes at a very low price compared to other gis, a lot of good Gis out there but most of them cost around 100-150$ but the Tatami Gi comes around 65$.


  • Comes in 4 different colors
  • Good fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Tapered fit
  • Good price


  • Branding patches

Tatami Nova Gi Size Chart

Final Judgement: Worthy Gi?

Everything from the stitching to the weave and thickness of the Tatami gi makes a legitimate long-lasting gi for jiu jitsu, and with a very affordable price. It’s hard to find such high quality at a low price, especially for BJJ starters.

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