Fuji Gi Review

Gis are all over the market these days, and we wanted to find something worthy to review. We picked up the Fuji BJJ gi, a cotton single weave kimono with quality fabric and good pricing. The Fuji brand has been producing top-notch martial arts kimonos for a very long time; this one is specifically made … Read more

Sanabul Gi Review

The Sanabul Essentials Gi has been producing some of the best BJJ gis in the market. A BJJ gi is affordable and provides good quality material for any serious BJJ athlete looking to train multiple days a week. Sanabul Essentials Gi Features In this article, we will be reviewing the Sanabul Essentials Gi, a different … Read more

War Tribe Gi Review

The War Tribe Gis have been on our radar for quite a while, and we couldn’t wait to talk about it. War Tribe Gi Features First off, we want to point out that you can move with ease and drill even the most extreme jiu-jitsu techniques without worrying about movement restrictions or quality issues. Quality … Read more

Tatami Nova BJJ Gi Review

Looking for a good gi can be a hassle sometimes, given that there are so many out there online, so we decided to find a good one to review and guide you into choosing one that fits your needs. We picked the Tatami nova blue BJJ gi, reviewed it, discussing everything from price to fabric … Read more

93 Brand Gi Review (+ Size Chart)

The 93 Brand has gained quite a good reputation after they launched back in 2012, they were aiming to bring a more affordable gi design to the market without sacrificing the quality. The question is, did they? That’s what we detail out in this article below. 93 Brand Gi Features In this segment, we review … Read more

Best BJJ Headgear and Ear Guards 2023

If cauliflower ears ring a bell, then you may already know a little about BJJ headgear. To the BJJ or MMA fanatic, it’s almost impossible to do without one. However, regardless of whether you’re a newbie or a pro, it’s still important to choose the right headgear. And that’s because BJJ headgear is all about … Read more

7 Best Jiu-Jitsu Mats for Home

Gone are the days when only a few BJJ mats were available. Nowadays, there are so many factors to consider, such as material, structure, and type. More importantly, COVID-19 showed us why we need BJJ mats for home. Instead of testing a bunch of mats yourself, take some time out of your schedule, and read … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Picking the Best BJJ Finger Tape

best bjj finger tape

BJJ finger tape is one of the most underrated yet essential ingredients in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I’m sure there have been times during your BJJ career when you must have injured your fingers. Otherwise, you wouldn’t bother to search for the best BJJ finger tape.  Anyway, what is holding you back from protecting your own fingers? … Read more

The Best BJJ Spats in 2023

As a martial artist, especially when grappling, there’s a lot of inverted position, flexible positions (leg locks, rubber guard etc.). You wouldn’t want to be in shorts or large sweatpants, I lost count about the number of times I ripped my pants during my early days in BJJ. Finding the right gear is important for … Read more

Best Antifungal Soap for MMA and BJJ

Best Antifungal Soaps

Those of you who have been training MMA, Wrestling, or Jiu-Jitsu, will already be aware of the potential fungal infections you can get from training. Wearing proper breathable equipment like a rashguard and spats under your shorts may decrease the chance of getting an infection. But it’s better to always have antibacterial and antifungal soap … Read more