How to Tie Your BJJ Belt?

There are different ways you can tie your belt. Some prefer the quick and easy method, while others like making sure it won’t come undone easily, so they have an extra layer of security when practicing or competing in front of a crowd! These popular methods on how people choose to do their own tying are what we’ll take a look at today.

  • (00:20) – Slice One – Standard Variation
  • (03:18) – Slice Two – Second Variation
  • (05:24) – Slice Three – Super Lock Variation

How To Tie a Jiu Jitsu Belt?

The IBJJF obliges athletes to follow two basic rules when tying the belt:

  • The fighter must wrap the belt around the waist 2 times;
  • The belt must be tied in a double knot.

Another criterion for a properly tied belt is equal length tails that remain on both sides of the knot. This is not an official rule; it can be used as a self-check to determine that all mandatory points are met. For the rest, the fighter can improvise. The main thing is to learn to tie the belt aesthetically on the kimono from the first lessons. This skill demonstrates the composure, inner harmony, and skill of the fighter. Two ways of tying are most applicable, one of which is more often used by established and experienced fighters, and the second is more suitable for beginners. However, if desired, both methods can be applied at any stage of training; it is not a violation of the requirements.

Basic Method

To tie your belt by the basic method, you will need to identify the center of your belt and fix it to your waist somewhere down below the belly button. Fold the left strand on the left. Next, you’d like to keep the left cord under all its layers. This prevents it from getting lost in a knot. After you secure the knot, the layer will be tangled together. The simple way of tying a tie belt is the easiest way to teach beginner classes. It is easy to follow and does everything promptly. You have to imagine that everything will be thrown out as soon as you start to tie a rope.

The Deluxe Way

Start by placing one end of your belt in the middle of your lower back.

Wrap the length of it around yourself a few times until you have a shorter length sticking out from one hip. The other end will be underneath this, still at your lower back.

Take this end and loop it under the belt that’s wrapped around your waist.

Now reach back and untuck the end of the belt and pull it out so you have each end in your hands, with one going up and the other going down from where they cross.

Here’s where we get fancy. Take the “down” end and loop it over and thread it between the layers wrapped around your waist, leaving it loose. Take the tip of the “up” end and put it through the loop and the layers of your belt. Give it a little adjustment and pull it tight.

This knot lays flat to the stomach and both ends hang downwards instead of pointing up like bunny ears (like the other knot tends to do with new stiff belts). It also stays tied for much longer since the ends are not free to flop around. You also don’t get the crisscross in the back since you wrapped it around in one direction:

Diamond/Hollywood Method

The diamond method of tying your belt is one of the best ways for you to secure your belt and feel great in the process. Because of its aesthetics, many gis companies prefer to require their models to use this method when presenting images before the camera. In this video, the man doing the knot placed one end of the strand below the spine and looped the strap around the waist. If you don’t like this step, you can find the halfway point of the belt and loop it in your waist. Next, you need to get the right strand over the right and across all the layers. The chain must connect the two ties of the slew.

The Gracie Way

Gracie’s method is seldom regarded today as it is one of the very vulnerable ways to make a belt. The ends of the belt are not held together through layers, but the end is held directly together in front. But with this method, we do not want to block off the entire buckle. It would help if you closed your GI while your right lapel runs under your left Kimono. Now you want to find the halfway point. If you get both strands in place, there needs to be an equal length. Remember, the Gracie procedure is rare.

Unbreakable Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Belt Knot – Double

Double Water Knots are the most interesting way to link a Jiu-Jitsu belt. It’s a regular granny knot, and then the buckle has a follow-through that is impossible to break. You can watch it all in the video above as it’s a bit difficult to explain but what’s important is that it’s really unbreakable knot to hold, and 100% it will not tear. When you think of a way to tie a Jiu-jitsu belt, remember there are options!

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